Car Covers

National Car Covers carries a full line of deluxe, and semi custom covers for every type of vehicle from hatchback to pickup truck. We will help you find the right cover and the right fit for your vehicle. Its our guarantee!

National Car Covers: Unbeatable Selection and Value

National Car Covers offers a wide variety of styles and performance levels for all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. Our success is built upon selling great products, supported by knowledgeable and friendly staff. If you need help selecting car cover, or have any questions please call us at 1-800-616-0599, we are happy to help. It’s just the way we do business.

Direct Source for High Quality Car Covers

All of our car covers are built to demanding quality specifications. Rest assured that our covers will protect your vehicle from the harshest elements that nature can dish out. Whether it’s punishing UV rays, rain, snow, or ice, every one of our covers is designed and manufactured to perform season after season for years to come. Innovative features, quality fabric and best fit are all found in every one of our products.

Car Covers

Car Cover Style

We recognize that price can play a big role in the purchase of a car cover, which is why we offer a variety of price points. This allows you to choose the style of car cover that best suits your budget and needs, considering factors such as amount of use and weather conditions. Whichever level of quality you choose, National Car Covers will ensure you are getting outstanding value and service. National Car Covers feature three levels of product, Deluxe Fit, Semi-Custom Fit, and Custom Fit.

Custom Fit Car Covers:

Custom Fit car covers are simply the best, offering outstanding protection in any climate.They are built to out-perform every other cover on the market in all critical categories of vehicle protection. They are the most waterproof, yet breathable car covers available on the market. They are exceptionally strong, yet soft, and have outstanding UV blockage.

The fit of these covers is outstanding, with individual patterns for each make and model, ensuring a snug, curve-hugging fit.

Semi Custom Car Covers:

Semi-Custom car covers offer a much tighter fit than Deluxe Fit Covers. They feature unique pattern designs which result in the fewest seams possible, thereby avoiding the “patchwork” look created by sewing small pieces together. The end result is a superior fit and look, and less chance of seams failing or leaking.

Our innovative features, fabric and fit make semi custom car covers truly the best value in a protective cover for your vehicle.

Deluxe Fit Car Covers:

Deluxe Fit covers offer simple, low priced method for protecting your car under mild weather conditions. They are great for protecting against abrasion, sun damage, bird droppings and other environmental hazards. They are designed to be breathable and non-abrasive to your paint finish.

They are durable and economical, yet provide a level of quality protection that you would expect from a much more expensive cover.